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You are now at the design stage. Follow the steps below to create your plate.

Step 1 - Select your Vehicle Type
Passenger Private Bus Trailer
* Passenger includes light trucks and motor homes.
Please click here for more information on vehicle classifications.

Small Star Pink
7-Letter Personalized Trailer Plate:
Small Star Pink
Step 3 - Create your Message
Check Availability

We’re sorry, but that combination is not available (either in use, conflicts with a plate pattern or has been previously declined).

If you need inspiration, visit our Gr8pl8s page for messages available right now, or try some of these plate speak short cuts to build your desired message.

  • Use numbers as letters:
    • 3 = E
    • 4 = A
    • 5 = S
    • 6 = G
    • 7 = T
    • 8 = B
    • 9 = G
  • Shorten words, use abreviations and replace numbers for words
    • LAFOF10 - Laugh Often
    • BCRE8V - Be Creative
    • GET14U - Get One For You
    • IANDIOF - Eyes of Texas


Type 7 letters/numbers to create your message. You can also add a space, dash, period, heart (use the @ sign to represent a heart), star (use the & to represent a star) or silhouettes of Texas (use an asterisk (*) to represent a silhouette of Texas) in your message. For example A##A AAA or AAAAAAA. Then click check availability to see if it is available.

TxDMV Plate Guidelines and Restrictions

* Plates shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual colors, shades, shapes, sizes and spacing of graphics and letters may vary from what you see displayed on your computer monitor and printed receipt.

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