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How does it work?

The My Plates layaway plan is a convenient easy way to pay for a desired multi-year personalized license plate message over a longer time. The layaway plan is offered free of additional fees to customers who fully complete the plan. The layaway plan allows you to secure and enjoy the benefits of a desired multi-year term personalized plate message even though you may not be able to pay the entire cost immediately. Additionally, there is no loss of term on the plate when paid through the layaway plan, as the plate term does not commence until the plate is ordered, which is after you have made all payments due under the layaway plan. Layaway purchases are made at the full current approved pricing of the multi-year personalized plate message being reserved, and are not eligible for use with any special offers, redemption certificates or rebates.

The Layaway plan is conducted through 5 easy payments. The total cost of the plate purchase is broken into five equal-sized payments (the initial payment, and then four subsequent monthly payments). Once the initial payment is made, the remaining 4 payments are automatically made on the monthly anniversary date, using the same payment card as the original payment. You can stay on schedule, or call our customer service center to pay the layaway off early in one payment. Please note: should you cancel a layaway plan, you will receive a refund of your payments made to date on your plan minus a $25 cancellation fee.

To arrange a layaway plan, complete the online layaway plan setup, or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p.

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