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The purchase of a one-year plate term may cause additional fees to be collected at your County Tax Assessor-Collector to establish a single expiration date for both the specialty plates and your vehicle registration. This fee may include up to an additional 12 months of plate fees for a new vehicle with a two-year registration.

Selecting a multi-year term (3-year or 5-year) provides cost-savings benefits, and any potential additional fees to be collected by your County Tax Assessor-Collector office to establish a single expiration date for your specialty plates and your vehicle registration would not appear until you receive your renewal notice from the TxDMV in the year prior to the end of your plate term.

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Why Layaway?


1. It's an easy way to pay the full purchase price of a personalized multi-year plate term over time, with smaller payments.

2. Your desired personalized plate message is reserved during the Layaway purchase period.

3. You gain the greater discount that a multi-year plate purchase has over annual pricing.

4. Fully completed layaway plans have no additional fees.

How does it work?

The My Plates layaway plan is a convenient, easy way to pay for your desired personalized multi-year license plate over a longer time. The layaway plan allows the customer to purchase their desired personalized plate message even though they may not be able to pay the entire cost immediately. The total cost of the plate purchase is broken into 5 identical payment amounts, the first taken at time of order, the remaining payments scheduled to occur on the monthly anniversary until complete. You can stay on schedule, or call our customer service center to pay the layaway off early in one payment. There is no loss of term while you are paying on the plan, as your plate term does not officially start until you have made a final payment. Please note that Layaway purchases are made at the full current approved pricing of the multi-year personalized plate message being reserved, and are not eligible for use with any special offers, redemption certificates or rebates. Fully completed layaway plans have no additional fees. Cancelled layaway plans will receive a refund of your payments made to date on your plan minus a $25 cancellation fee. For further information, please review our layaway terms and conditions.

To arrange a layaway plan, please complete the online layaway plan setup, or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p.

A 5-year term is only $35.00 per year; an annual savings of 30 %

A 3-year term is only $43.33 per year; an annual savings of 13 %