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Official Colorado Offer Page

Welcome to the My Plates special rebate offer page for Colorado. My Plates is excited to make available to you the following special rebates on a Colorado plate or any new My Plates customized specialty license plate design.

Colorado Special Rebate Offer!

Just click the "Order Your Plate" button below and a special rebate code will be automatically applied to your qualifying plate order at The longer term plate you purchase, the more you save!

Choose from over 100 designs including the official Colorado license plate in Texas and countless personalization options including 7-letter plates.



Purchase any 1-yr term plate and receive a
$5 rebate.


SAVE $10

Purchase any 3-yr term plate and receive a
$10 rebate.


SAVE $15

Purchase any 5-yr term plate and receive a
$15 rebate.

I agree to receive a rebate check from My Plates in 4 to 6 weeks after my purchase date.

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