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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay additional registration fees when I pick up my plate?


When you buy a one-year plate, additional fees may be collected at your County Tax Assessor-Collector to establish a single expiration date for both the specialty plates and your vehicle registration. They may have to prorate either your vehicle registration fee or your plate fee to synchronize your vehicle registration period with the first annual period for your plates. This fee may include up to an additional 12 months of plate fees in addition to your initial plate purchase fee for a new vehicle with a two-year registration.

For 3-year plates, additional fees could appear in your 2nd year registration renewal notice from the TxDMV. For 5-year plates, additional fees could appear in your 4th year registration renewal notice from the TxDMV.
What types of vehicles can my specialty plate be issued to?
My Plates may be issued to a variety of vehicles such as:
  • Passenger (includes cars, light trucks, SUV's, motor homes, and buses converted to motor homes)
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers (light utility and enclosed, boat, non-commercial use, and trailers whose main purpose is hauling but have minimal living quarters, but not house, camper, travel or hybrid type trailers)
  • Private Buses (large buses and some SUV's designed to carry in excess of 10 passengers and not for commercial hire)
  • Older vehicles carrying regular registration (however, not on officially registered Classic or Antique vehicles as that registration is unique and separate from regular registration and has its own class, fees and restrictions).
Some vehicles are more difficult to classify than others or offer optional registration classes (especially vehicles with temporary living facilities, large non-commercial buses carrying persons, and trailers that may qualify for Trailer, Travel or Farm registration), so please consult the TxDMV Motor Vehicle Registration Manual "Registration Fees" chapter for guidance on your vehicle, or contact your local County-Tax Assessor Collector office.
What motorcycle/moped plates are available?
All of our designs are available for motorcycle/moped. Visit our "Create a Plate" section on the website to view these options.
Can an International Symbol of Access (ISA) for people with disabilities be placed on my specialty license plate?
Yes, state law requires the ISA be available for all specialty license plates with a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 pounds or less. The procedure for including the symbol is slightly different, depending on which specialty plate is ordered.

For a My Plates specialty license plate:
If your medical condition meets the legal definition of an eligible disability:
  • submit a copy of a completed and notarized Form VTR-214 to My Plates via fax, email or regular mail.
  • in addition to checking the availability of the desired plate, we MUST have the completed Form VTR-214 before we can process an order with the ISA symbol via our Customer Service Center; the order cannot be processed online.
  • the original Form VTR-214 must be submitted when picking up the plates at the main County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office. The My Plates fax number is 936-462-4676.

For a charity specialty license plate:
If your medical condition meets the legal definition of an eligible disability:
  • submit a completed and notarized original Form VTR-214 with your specialty plate order in person, or by mail, to your main County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office.
  • orders with the ISA can only be placed via your main County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office, not online.
  • the original form must be submitted when picking up the plates at your main County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office.

Note: the Form VTR-214 is available on the TxDMV Web site and at the county tax offices. Click here to print now.
How long will it take for me to receive my new specialty plates? How many plates do I receive?
Your plates will arrive at the main office of the County Tax Assessor-Collector for your county of residence in approximately three to four weeks. Cars, trucks and motor homes receive two (2) plates, motorcycles/mopeds and trailers receive one (1) plate. We encourage you to call your main County Tax Assessor-Collector's office to confirm the plates have arrived and are available for collection.
Can I transfer my specialty plates to another vehicle?
Yes, provided that the transfer is:
  • only to the same class of vehicle (Ex: car or truck to car or truck, motorcycle to motorcycle, trailer to trailer, etc...).
    • in this example, “truck” must have a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 lbs. or less. Please contact your local County Tax Assessor-Collector office should you need clarification regarding your truck's classification.
  • between vehicles you own: Your County Tax Assessor-Collector's office staff will issue a new registration sticker and assist with the transfer.
  • to a vehicle purchased from a dealer: You should remove your specialty plates and ask your dealer to transfer the plates to your new vehicle.
  • to a vehicle purchased from another motorist in a private sale: Go to your main County Tax Assessor-Collector's office to register them as you title the vehicle in your name.
  • You can find more information at
Can I transfer my personalized plate message from an existing personalized plate (PLP) when I purchase a new My Plates plate?
Yes! We call it "porting", but when done...
  • in conjunction with a new My Plates purchase, you must speak to one of our friendly service center agents at 888-769-7528 to do so.
  • from one personalized charity plate to another, you must handle it at your county tax office.
Once I own a My Plates with a message, can I move my message to a different My Plates design?
Yes! We call it "restyling". You may do so by speaking to one of our friendly service center agents at 888-769-7528. Restyling is done for the same term-length that you originally purchased, at a one-time charge of $50.
Who makes Texas license plates?
TxDMV contracts with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to manufacture license plates. The plates are made by offenders at the Wynne Correctional Unit in Huntsville.
If I buy a multi-year specialty license plate, how do I pay my vehicle registration fees?
Nothing changes. Each year, you will receive a registration renewal notice from the TxDMV. There are three options available to renew your registration: In the majority of Texas counties, you can renew your vehicle registration online at, renew by mail, or renew in person at your local county tax assessor-collector's office.
How do I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds. As these plates are custom manufactured specifically for you, they cannot be reused.
What about renewal of my specialty plates?
Your specialty plate renewal is handled by the TxDMV and your local County Tax-Assessor Collector office, as part of your annual vehicle registration process and form you receive from them. The end of your specialty plate term is a great time to decide if you want a new My Plates and message, or to keep the one you have. Because your life changes, so should perhaps your plate and message. If you want a new My Plates, call our friendly Customer Service Center at 888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p or just click here to: Create your plate right now!
What is a Rebate?
From time-to-time, My Plates offers savings via rebate checks mailed automatically to qualifying purchasers between 4 and 6 weeks after a successful plate order. Because My Plates uses, the official payment engine of the State of Texas for all purchases, we are unable to offer up-front discounting as this system does not support revised pricing. Rebates require the use of a valid Rebate Code at time of purchase and are not up-front discounts.
What is the difference between Background Only, Personalized and 7-Letter Personalized?
With Background Only you pick your design and a random plate number will be generated. With Personalized you pick your design and then choose your own message up to 6 letters/numbers. With 7-Letter Personalized you pick your design and then choose your own message up to 7 letters/numbers. Please visit our Create A Plate section to view all the available options.
Can I purchase a plate as a gift for someone else?
Yes, you can do so through the normal plate purchase process. You will need the recipient's name and address, including their county of residence, and identify them as the "Plate Owner" in the order process. All My Plates are delivered to the County Tax Assessor-Collector office of the "Plate Owner", which is not necessarily the same as the "Purchaser's" county of residence. Policies regarding picking-up another persons plates may differ by County, and you are encouraged to contact the "Plate Owner's" County Tax Assessor-Collector office for details. You may also contact our Customer Service Center at 888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p for assistance.
What about Gift Cards?
Gift cards may be redeemed via a phone call to our friendly Customer Service Center at 888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p. My Plates Gift Cards are no longer available for purchase, but My Plates still make a great gift! Please reference FAQ #15, or the Customer Service Center will be pleased to answer any questions regarding the purchase of a plate as a gift for another, and assist you in that order if desired.
How do I replace damaged plates?
These will be handled by your local county tax office:
  • there is a $6 charge for the replacement of personalized plates.
  • if the plates were damaged in production or shipping, there is no charge to order a replacement.

Note: Plates damaged in production/shipping should be identified at receipt and immediately brought to the attention of the county tax office. The tax office will collect the plates and request remanufacture.
What is a charity plate?
These are specialty license plates offered by TxDMV that benefit non-profit programs. You can see them by clicking on the Charity Plates button on our website, or by clicking here.
How to read the original and new T for Texas plate designs?
T-Plates were redesigned to meet legibility concerns. The original designs, on the road since 2009 and eligible to remain in use until 2021, are read like this: Click here.
The new T-Plate designs, launched in late 2014, feature messages that are read just like any other personalized message; read the T right along with the remainder of the message in the center of the plate.
What happened to the Custom and T-Plate categories?
The Custom category, which had alpha and numeric restrictions, was eliminated and is now included without restrictions in the "Personalized" category of plates. The T-Plate category was redesigned to meet legibility concerns and is also now included in the "Personalized" category of plates. The original T-messages were bound to only 8 total designs, but with the category changes, new and old T-Plate messages are eligible for use on over 100+ of our exciting designs. If you have the old T-Plate version and wish to Restyle to a new plate design for a $50 fee, please contact our Customer Service Center at 888-769-7528 M-F 8a-5p. There's also a new special character you can use to separate the T from your message: the Lone Star. But you can also use any of the other special characters now to separate your T from the plate message too. Please refer to this link for additional information:
Can customer have special characters and spaces in personalization?
Yes. My Plates now offers these special characters to help really personalize your plate!
  • Dash
  • Period
  • Heart
  • Silhouette of the State of Texas
  • Star
  • These join the already existing "space" and International Symbol of Access (ISA)
Spaces: The designs on many plates affect the combination of characters and spaces allowed as part of a personalized message.
Do My Plates have security features?
Yes. To assist law enforcement, the TxDMV has added holographic security features into the sheeting of every plate. A 3M Ensure(TM) seal may be seen in the center of the plate. Two 3M Ensure(TM) virtual security threads may be seen running vertically from the top of the plate to the bottom of the plate. The threads can sometimes appear as squiggly lines when reflecting light. If you have any questions regarding the security features, please call the TxDMV call center at 1-888-DMVGOTX (368-4689).
I'm an auto dealer. Where do I find information regarding the My Plates Authorized Dealer program?
Interested auto dealers should send an email to, and a program manager will be in touch with you shortly.
Where did my plate go?
Plates are sometimes removed from inventory due to organization request or not meeting the required 200 registered plate minimum. Specialty plates are valid for the original term purchased (1, 5, or 10 years before 12-01-14 and 1, 3, or 5 years if purchased on or after 12-01-14.) At the end of your term, you will have the option of selecting another specialty license plate or obtaining a general issue license plate. Click link for additional information: Discontinued Plates
Why are certain plate messages declined?
Every purchased plate message is reviewed by the TxDMV following the sale. Some messages will be declined after purchase. A purchased message deemed by the TxDMV at the time of their review as indecent, vulgar or derogatory or references illegal activity, among other reasons, will be declined. The full list of official decline criteria are:

TxDMV Plate Guidelines and Restrictions

If your plate message is declined, you will be contacted by My Plates Customer Service within a few days of your purchase. You will have the opportunity to change to an acceptable message, appeal your declined message to the TxDMV or request a full refund.
COVID-19 Response
My Plates is monitoring the impacts of the Covid-19/Coronavirus to our program. For information regarding county Tax Assessor – Collector Office service hours and offerings, as well as title and registration service impacts, please review the TxDMV website and Also, please contact your local County Tax Assessor-Collector office before going to pick up a My Plates to A) confirm their operating hours, B) whether your plate has been delivered and C) it is available for pick-up. For questions, please contact us M-F 8a-5p at 888-769-7528.

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