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Pre-order Your License Plate
Creating a plate has never been easier.
Simply select one of the categories below, either personalized or background only, and move to the next step of creating your plate.

Please note: We need to secure 200 pre-orders to move this plate to production. Once we have secured 200 pre-orders the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will then schedule programming to add into the state system. If 200 Pre-Orders are not reached in the allowed time all monies received will be fully refunded.
Your Options
  • Personalized License Plate


    Choose one of the designs available plus the luxury to create a message of up to six letters/numbers.
    From $90.00/year*

  • Background Only License Plate

    Background Only

    Simply choose one of the designs available and you are ready to checkout. A random letter/number combination will be generated for you.
    From $35.00/year*

  • Restyle Existing Plate


    Already have a great plate from MyPlates? Why not pre-order your restyle to this great new design.


* When purchased with the max term allowed.

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