Official License Plates for Texas Drivers.

My Plates is a Texas-based company that was awarded a contract by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) to design, market and sell new specialty license plates in the State of Texas. My Plates offers a whole range of creative and unique specialty plate designs: Texas themes and colors, many universities and colleges, sports teams, charities and more! Texans have many different specialty plate options through My Plates.

When you call our toll-free number (888-769-7528, M-F 8a-5p), you reach the friendly folks in our Texas-based Customer Service Center, so you talk with people who are well versed in the specialty plate process. They also speak Texan and Plate Speak, so they can help you come up with fun combinations to get the plate message you want!

In addition to great service and a whole lot of fun, there's another part that's great for Texans. A portion of each plate purchase goes into the state general revenue fund, over $130M has been generated since November 2009, which provides services for all Texans. What are you waiting for? Create your plate right now!