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The following plate(s) are approved by TxDMV and available for Pre‐Order.

Register Your Interest - University of Missouri - Specialty plate in Texas Register Your Interest - University of Florida - Specialty plate in Texas Register Your Interest - The University of Texas at El Paso Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Tulane University Love Heart Black (Pre-order) University of Texas at San Antonio (Pre-order)

Please note: We need to secure 200 pre‐orders to move pre-order plates to production. Once we have secured 200 pre-orders the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will then schedule programming to add into the state system. If 200 Pre-Orders are not reached in the allowed time all monies received will be fully refunded.

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To register your interest for one of the new designs, click on the plate and submit your contact information. The friendly team at My Plates will keep you informed as the plate moves towards a possible launch.