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For more information about My Plates' Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) click here

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Information

My Plates is monitoring the impacts of the Covid-19/Coronavirus to our program. We will update information regarding these impacts on this page.

NOTE: many County Tax Assessor-Collector Offices are closed or operating under revised schedules or offering revised services during this health emergency. Therefore, please call your local County Tax Assessor-Collector office before going to pick up a My Plates to A) confirm their operating hours, B) whether your plate has been delivered and C) it is available for pick-up.

  • Where can I see information about County Tax Assessor–Collector Office closures?
    For information regarding County Tax Assessor–Collector Office closures, as well as title and registration service impacts, please review the following TxDMV website Also, please consult your local CTAC website, as available.
  • Will my Order be delayed, or will I be delayed in picking up my Order?
    From time of order being placed, My Plates typically take 3 to 4 weeks for manufacturing, shipment, check-in and then being available for pick up at your local County Tax Assessor-Collector Office. Customers will likely experience delays in being able to pick up a My Plates at their local County Tax Assessor-Collector Offices due to office closures, revised schedules and revised service offerings.
  • What if I want to secure my plate/message now but not risk pick-up issues?
    If prior to making a New Order you are concerned about being able to pick up your My Plates in a timely fashion, please consider making a purchase via our free Layaway Plan. Layaway Plans reserve your personalized message as soon as begun, but do not place the plate order until the final payment is made on the plan. The normal Layaway Plan life-cycle is 5 months, but you may pay-off your Layaway Plan early at any time with no penalty, which would then send your plate to manufacture. Your plate would arrive 3 to 4 weeks after a final Layaway Plan payment is made. This method would allay concerns about losing term time on your newly purchased plate. More information about our Layaway Plan is found here,
  • What impact is there to current promotions or sales?
    Our current promotion, Classic Black Birthday Sale, with rebate savings up to $100, is now eligible for purchase through our Layaway Program. Typically, Layaway Plans are not eligible for promotional rebates. But we want our customers to have purchase options during this crisis, so the Classic Black Birthday Sale is eligible for Layaway. The current promotion may be accessed here,
  • What steps is My Plates taking as a business to mitigate risk during the coronavirus?
    In support of the social distancing initiatives necessary to reduce the risk of virus transmission, our staff is working from home.
  • Questions?
    Please contact us M-F 8a-5p at 888-769-7528.

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